Why is It Advisable to Protect Your Immune System During the Winter?

Why is It Advisable to Protect Your Immune System During the Winter?

The body has several systems that work together to make it functional. These include the respiratory system, the digestive system, the circulatory system, and the immune system among others. The immune system is a system in the body that is responsible for protecting the body from diseases. When an individual is immune to a particular disease, even if the person is exposed to the factors that cause that disease, the body will be able to fight off the disease before the body even feels it. Hence, the person doesn’t fall ill. Now, imagine a situation where you are immune to every disease. It means you will be able to live a very healthy life without the need to visit hospitals or the inconvenience and pains that come with illnesses.

The immune system entails a complex proteins and cells network that defends the body from infections. One of the major ways that the immune system operates is that it stores the record of every germ, also known as a microbe that it was able to defeat in the past. This way, when the microbe finds its way to your body again, it will quickly recognize the microbe and destroy it. However, many factors contribute to the effectiveness of your immune system. This article will discuss why it is advisable to protect your immune system during the winter as well as how to protect your immune system.

Why you should protect your immune system during the winter

The 2 major reasons why you should protect your immune system during the winter are discussed below.

The harsh weather weakens our system

Even though there is no time when you should joke with your immune system, protecting your immune system during the winter is even more important. This is because is the harshest weather that we experience during the year. The extreme colds could easily reduce the efficiency of the body. Reduced efficiency of the body implies that there has been a reduction in the efficiency in some of the systems. This includes the immune system. Hence, you should take some extra efforts to protect your immune system during the winter than the summer, especially if you know you are not generally doing enough to protect your immune system.

More diseases flying around

More diseases fly around during the winter than during the summer. It has been proven that heat can kill several germs. This is not the case with cold. On the other hand, most germs thrive in a cold environment. For instance, if a surface were to be exposed to a germ, the germs that will die within 6 hours during the summer could stay alive for as much as 24 hours during the winter. Furthermore, the winter period also comes with some diseases peculiar to it such as the flu.

How to protect your immune system

When you leave a healthy lifestyle, you will be exposed to lesser health risks. It will be easier for your immune system to be fighting a germ once a month than to be fighting several germs for about 15 different diseases every month. This could be worse when it has to face up to 3 or more of those germs at the same time. Your immune system could be overpowered and you will break down. Hence, you should do things that will not make you ill such as drinking wine. Wines are believed to good for the heart. You can read reviews about a list of drink delivery services starting with Giordano wines review. By the time you take wine, your heart will be protected to some extent freeing your immune system to tackle other germs.

You could also invest in supplements, fruits, vegetables, eating healthy and exercising. All of these contribute significantly to keeping our immune system working optimally throughout the year including during the winter.

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