Indoor Cycling Workout Tips

Isn’t the internet wonderful? I’ll tell you why. It’s because no matter what information we would want to get, there are many available sources that are already provided no matter where you are in the world. When it comes to exercise routines, we should not just dive into a routine that might not be fit for us because we might end up exhausted and will damage our health.

If you consider doing indoor cycling then you should consult with your physician because they know best on what you should do to improve your health. If they have decided that you are fit to do indoor cycling then you should consult with reliable spin bike sources. Here, we bring you tips that were collected from experts that will ensure that you will stay safe and will not result to any injury (God forbid, we love you!) and enjoy your indoor cycling workout in home.

Please be punctual or early. That was well said by Alex Figueroa. He is a certified cycling instructor, personal trainer, and a triathlon coach in Boston. According to Figueroa, you should arrive 10 minutes before class because it takes a few minutes for you to fit your bike. If you will set it up badly then you will risk being uncomfortable and will invite injury risks. You should have an extra preparation time that will enable you to ask assistance from your instructor.

He said that cool down is as important as a warm up, and you should not leave class until it’s done. You should stay around because this will prevent alleviating pain that might be there when you were doing a forward bend during the whole routine. A McKenzie physical therapist at Sobe Spine in Miami Beach named Dr.YoavSurprun, DPT, suggested that you should be standing tall with your feet apart by hip-width. You should establish as large of a hollow in the small of your back by tilting your pelvis. It is like thrusting your belly button onward. You should be holding your tilt for about a few seconds and then you could relax after. The physical therapist said that this should be repeated for about 15 to 20 minutes.

Did you know that what you wear also affects your exercise routine? According to Caroline Dawson, padded shorts, cycling shoes, and muscle groups will change bike fit because they are becoming flexible. Dawson is a master instructor from Spinning® in New York City. She said that if you are aiming for an ideal routine then you should stand at the left side of the bike and then adjust the sadle and the handlebars to hip height. Then you could bend your right arm at 90 degrees, get your hand to be a fist, and then place it at the center of the handlebars. Move the seat onwards or backwards until it will touch your elbow.

Even if you’ve been cycling for years, things like padded shorts, new cycling shoes, or even certain muscle groups becoming more flexible can alter bike fit, says Caroline Dawson, a master instructor for Spinning® in New York City. For optimal performance, stand to the left of the bike and adjust the saddle and handlebars to hip height. Next, bend your right arm 90 degrees, form a fist, and place it at the center of the handlebars, (the part closest to the seat); move the seat forward or back until it touches your elbow.

 It is important that you should be monitoring extra pressure throughout the ride especially at your wrists or at your hands. If you could, you should move your weight to your legs. This is what ApulKatami said, a certified cycling instructor. He kept reminding that good posture is very important in cycling.

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