What You Need To Know About Elderly Care

What You Need To Know About Elderly Care

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As aging parents become fragile both mentally and physically, it becomes apparent that living arrangements need to change. Some elderly loved ones are incapable of performing daily tasks for themselves. Adult children often find it necessary to determine proper care arrangements. Fortunately, there are numerous options available. Here are a few things you need to know about elderly care.


First, it’s helpful to know that a nursing home is not your only option. Here are some common options for elderly care:

Before you begin researching various options, ask yourself and other family members if it’s safe for your parent to stay in their home. Many individuals would prefer to continue living within the comforts of their own home. If this is still an option for your loved one, adult home care Massachusetts is a good option. This option establishes a caregiver for the client. The caregiver is usually a family member or friend. The program creates a case management program that is overseen by a registered nurse and case manager.

If it’s not safe for your loved one to stay in their own home, an assisted living home, nursing home, specialized memory care center, or your home may be better options to manage your loved one’s care.


Another factor to consider when determining the right type of care for your elderly parent is cost. If your parent is independent and able to handle most of their daily needs, an independent living community will be the least expensive option. These types of communities may offer transportation, activities, laundry or meals. If your parent is unable to handle activities of daily living, an assisted living home is probably the next, lowest-cost option. Assisted living homes help seniors with meals, medications, personal care, etc. Nursing homes and specialized memory care centers tend to be the most expensive options because they offer more personalized, medical care and attention.

Finding the right type of care for your aging parent can be overwhelming. Take some time to research options and costs to determine what is best for your family.

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