What San Antonio Residents Need To Know About Emergency Room Visits

What San Antonio Residents Need To Know About Emergency Room Visits

What San Antonio Residents Need To Know About Emergency Room Visits

No one wants to go to the emergency room but sometimes you need to because things are at times out of your control such as getting really sick after hours for your doctor or getting injured for some reason. But the emergency room doesn’t have to be as bad as you think if you go in with the right mindset. While you know that you will be waiting and there is never telling exactly for how long in order to help to reduce the wait time many hospitals have made an online sign-in so that you can get put on the list before you even get to the hospital.

On the sign in you have to put what time you will actually get to the hospital so that you won’t be called before you get there but it does help to reduce the wait time. After you do get there all you have to do is tell them that you signed in online and they will check on their end that you are there so that you will be called soon as there is a bed available for you.

The next thing you can do is expect to be triaged first meaning that they will get a general evaluation of how bad you are and they will want to get to those that are having the most severe symptoms first because they don’t want anything to happen to anyone while they are in the care at the hospital.

If you know the process and do what you can to get in faster then generally you will have a better experience. If you have children then you need to bring something to keep them entertained during the wait and this could be a tablet or something as simple as a cheap coloring book and crayons so that they at least have something to do during that time because they won’t want to sit still for the whole time which is natural.

The emergency room in San Antonio tries to get to everyone in a timely manner but sometimes and often there are more people than there is staff and they do their best to keep up. By knowing this and having a gracious attitude they will likely have a better attitude towards you as well because they know that you understand they are doing their best to care for you and make sure that you are okay.

After you do get back in the back where you have a room it may still take time for testing to be done before they know exactly what is going on with you. If it is serious they may keep you for a while to make sure that you are stable even after they do treat you and this is so that they know you will be fine to go home and won’t have to come back that night.

When you do get discharged from the emergency room in San Antonio you are free to go home but you should take it easy and do as the discharge instructions say otherwise you could end up back at the hospital. Following up with your own doctor after having to go to the ER is just as important so that the condition is monitored and does not get worse over time and so that if it was simply your own doctor can still make sure that it has been resolved and you are fine.

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