Massage Therapy as an Alternative Medicine

Massage is a term often used to describe the deep rubbing and manual manipulation of soft tissues. The therapy aims to improve health in a more natural and noninvasive way to prevent the individuals from the side effects of strong antibiotic dose.

A busy and stressful routine calls for a regular massage therapy to help you keep pace with the workload and avoid falling to cramps and spasms. It is believed through extensive research that massage therapy can serve the purpose of an alternative medicine even for chronic injuries.

What is complementary alternative medicine?

In the United States, most of the medical doctors consider massage therapy as a part of complementary alternative medicine. Now the question arises that what is complementary alternative medicine? Complementary alternative medicine can be defined as a group of diverse techniques that constitutes a part of health medical systems such as massage therapy that believes in curing diseases by a human touch.

The basic purpose of using the massage therapy is to enhance the functioning of the immune system that in turn would play a significant role in your health by keeping you away from conventional medicines. Massage therapy is included in the list of complimentary alternative medicine and is considered more of a rehabilitation therapy that helps you mold your busy schedule while keeping yourself healthy.

Massage therapy is actively used in the physical therapy that has proven to be extremely helpful for people suffering from tissue, muscular or back pain. The basic problem that arises after physical injuries can be easily countered by application of massage on the affected part, and indeed it is medically recommended.

How does massage therapy work to cure the chronic injuries without the use of conventional drugs?

The second question that can be raised on the authenticity of using massage therapy as a complementary alternative medicine is how massage therapy works to cure the chronic injuries without the use of conventional drugs? The answer lies in the magical wonders of the massage. The massage therapy is more of a technique that ensures increased circulation, reduced swelling and inflammation and to enhance your pain bearing ability without the use of painkillers.

Massage in minor injuries can be used as an alternative medicine whereas in the case of acute and chronic diseases it can be utilized as a complementary alternative medicine. For example chemotherapy session for cancer patients can greatly affect the immune system making them more vulnerable to other diseases. Use of massage therapy speeds up the healing process thereby relaxing and revitalizing the body in a way that uplifts your mood and enhances your will power to fight this deadly disease.

Alternative approaches that address mental health concerns such as depression and anxiety disorder can be addressed by the use of massage therapy along with the medication prescribed by the doctor. One of the biggest advantages of trying the complimentary alternative medicine such as massage therapy is that these are noninvasive approaches that do not pose any serious threats or side effects like pharmacological drugs or surgery do. The significance of the use of complementary alternative medicine can be stated regarding addressing the sciatic pain which can be alleviated with the simple use of massage therapy. Massage therapy is very useful as an alternative medicine as it not only protects you from various illnesses but also helps in reduction of pain such as back pain, arthritis, and sciatica pain when it is coupled with a balanced diet, proper exercise, and a healthy lifestyle. Therefore it is not wrong to call massage therapy as a medical treatment that helps in fast recovery.

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