How to Stay Harder for Longer and Improve Your Sex Life

How to Stay Harder for Longer and Improve Your Sex Life

Erectile dysfunction has many causes linked to both physical and psychological factors – all of which can have detrimental effects on how long a penis can stay hard. How hard a penis can get and how long an erection lasts varies from man to man, yet regardless of the scale of the issue, it can still affect his sex life and self-esteem. Nevertheless, there are several ways to keep a penis harder for longer, which will inevitably help improve your sex life if you happen to be suffering from erection issues – which are very common but very treatable.


Communication is key to any healthy sexual relationship. So, if you find yourself facing penile issues, the best thing to do is improveyour communication with your sexual partners. Talk to them about what issues you are facing and think of ways you both can help the problem – such as exploring different types of foreplay. Healthy communication can help dissipate any tension and stress lingering and keep your penis harder for longer.

Better Diet

Eating foods associated with good heart health is known to help with erectile dysfunction. It is said that the Mediterranean diet, one that is heavily plant-based with lots of herbs and spices, can be great for your penile health. In fact, many foods are rich in nitrates and associated with increasing erections, such as spinach and broccoli.

Furthermore, certain food groups are said to improve your libido, which can help keep your pens harder for longer. So, look for aphrodisiac foods such as chocolate, oysters, watermelon, and spicy chili peppers. Eating right can help increase your penile health and libido, inevitably benefiting your sex life.


Many men look to over-the-counter medication to help them stay harder for longer. For example, sells viagra and erectile dysfunction medication that works by allowing the smooth muscle in the penis to relax, enabling the blood to enter, thus helping the penis stay harder for longer. Taking this medication works quickly, taking about an hour to kick in. Once it starts working, you will notice your penis remaining harder, and thus you needn’t worry about any performance issues with your partner.


Exercise can be hugely beneficial for both your penile health and sex life. Regular exercise improves your sexual responses and makes you feel a lot more confident about your body. Aerobic exercises that increase your heart rate help boost your circulation and blood flow towards your groin, which can benefit your penile health. Pelvic floor exercises can also help increase blood flow to your groin and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.

Erectile dysfunction can significantly affect a man’s mood and how he sees himself performing in the bedroom. In addition, performance anxiety can damage a man’s sex life, which will only worsen if the issue is not addressed. So, incorporating these small lifestyle changes into your lifecan help keep your penis harder for longer, which will help improve your self-esteem and sex life as a result.

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