Get Healthy and Fit With Proper Exercise and Diet

Get Healthy and Fit With Proper Exercise and Diet

I have tried workouts, shakes, pills, and various juices in an attempt to acquire fit over the last 15 years. I developed a potbelly from becoming less active and eating far more. To some, I may perhaps not look unhealthy and that is the deceiving part as I was very unhealthy in my eating habits.

I am confessing that I sometimes ate 3 honey buns within an hour while chasing it down having a soft drink. It felt good going down, but I came down crashing inside a few hours. I got a boost of energy but that is all it was. A quick boost that did not help me within the extended run.

I am now part of a group called the Beach body. I am sticking to my workouts more. I am not where I must be yet, but around the road to superior health and additional energy than I have had in years. I do not struggle to lift those 50-pound boxes anymore.

That is just a testimonial of my progress so far. I started this lifestyle change on July 30, 2009, and have lost 9 pounds to date. My midsection was the problem area as I stored fat in my stomach and chest area, which is one of your most unhealthy places around the heart.

My 90-day goal was to lose 15 pounds and I have already gotten halfway there. Please follow me on my quest to acquire fit and healthy and keep out of your doctor’s offices and hospitals due to poor health. I invite you to join me by including regular exercise and much better-eating habits as part of your lifestyle. You may do it and I will be happy to help you along the way.

I said all that to say this if you need to lose weight and become healthy:

  • It must start with the desire to change.
  • Along with the desire to change, there must be a willingness to follow directions from someone who is where you would like to be.
  • You need the necessary tools to accomplish your goals.
  • You will need an environment where you may be yourself and have room to grow.
  • You will need a proven system of workouts that have been tried with the results you seek.
  • You must realize that you’re the key to your success and no one else.
  • If your desire to change and workout is to be profitable, then your desire must be matched with passion and commitment until you see the desired results.

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