Daily Healthy Living Practices: For A Better Life

The world health organization defines health as a state of physical, mental and social fitness and not just absence of a disease. Although many definitions have been brought up over the years, it’s apparent that the one from the World Health Organization is more elaborate and calls out for higher standards of healthy living. It, therefore, becomes mandatory for every human being to be very mindful of their health.


To obtain healthy and confident living you should consider the following tips:

Drink enough clean water every day. The body is 75% made of water. Water plays a lot of functions in the body. Digestion in the body needs water to ensure proper movement and turning of the food in the alimentary canal. Somebody organs produce more heat than others, a good example being the liver. This implies that more heat is generated in such organs making it mandatory for it to be distributed to other parts of the body. Water plays a crucial role in facilitating this distribution.


Other essential roles facilitated by water in the body include removal of waste products through urine and sweat, sustain the cell life, and also the transport of nutrients in the body among other functions. The minimum amount of water anyone should drink in a day is 8-ounces, which is equivalent to two liters.


Doing exercise every day is essential as it reduces the risks of many diseases such as diabetes, the cardiovascular diseases, and even cancer. Exercising also goes a long way in ensuring that your body remains at an appropriate weight. You don’t want to be obese, don’t you? To increase appetite, controlling stress levels and ensuring that you have a quality sleep, start the exercising habit today.


Staying healthy means you should be very careful with what you eat. Make sure you take a proper balanced diet, one with carbohydrates, proteins, and vitamins. Carbohydrates help in providing energy; proteins are the bodybuilders while vitamins protect the body against diseases. Check this useful site for more information.


Bright colored fruits are known to contain phytonutrients, like proanthocyanins which protect the body against cancer. Adding a snack between meals is also very helpful. You can also include salads in your meals as they contain a lot of nutrients.


Develop the habit of meditating. Meditating is the act of thinking deep on matters pertaining your life. Meditating helps in keeping the brain stable and also in making out the right decisions in life. As said earlier, health is not just the absence of a disease. Good thinking before making any decision also enables you to stay out of unnecessary regrets. Sit down alone, take time clear out the complicated issues in your head. It will not only help you relax but also enable you to stay in peace with others.

Healthy living is a not something to master, but rather a daily event that you keep improving. Most of the diseases affecting people come because of avoiding these petty but very essential things. Don’t be victims of ignorance; practice them to stay healthy and confident.

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