Changes Life Takes You Through

Life is change. Sure, that seems like a simple sentence. But, indeed, it is the most complex sentence in existence in reality. Change happens once in life all the time that it happens, each time that it does happen. Nothing ever stays the same. That is the point of this article with a small twist: The only thing that does stay the same is the fact that time passes, and we all need to take the proper actions in relation to time and its capacity for change and progression, or we do miss everything.

As we can tell by concepts and realities of the past and future, time is not just an idle concept we can ignore. As the old saying goes, “remember death, remember change.” Sure, unless we take the proper actions, we are all doomed to changes we do not want. That is the total reality of the situation.

Sure, rationality is adaptation in every genuine sense and way that counts. Unnecessary rigidity never counts, for it always creates problems, especially in relation to time. In fact, unnecessary rigidness is a crime against existence ultimately in this sense: It ultimately leads to the unrealistic, “I can beat this irrationally” thinking or the “short cut” doing of the cheater, which never works ultimately. Think about it, no one can cheat time.

Some think that they can, but they never do succeed in any genuine way. “Time marches on” as the line goes. Change is emotionally worse when you are too rigid in any way. Just the opposite being too loose can lead to problems too, such as wasted time can be one of them if you are too weak and loose.

So, in a sense we are all looking for the healthy balance between rigid and loose that genuinely works, aren’t we? My personal answer is, yes we are. Life may take you through changes, then, but adaptable neutrality is always best, always. Sure, it is what I mean in other articles about patience, understanding and tolerance anyhow. Sure, a certain amount of action needs to be taken, and a certain amount of inaction needs to be done also, but like I said: “The healthy balance.” That is it. Sure, rushing in or going too slow is never good, but the right speed always is, especially when driving on the road, to use an example there.

That is the perfect example, because of the need to do what is right when driving, so you will not go too fast or too slow or get into an accident or incident in such a crucial situation as driving. A balanced mind is a powerful mind in any situation though? Yes, I have to say so most definitely. Case rested on the changes of life and existence.

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