Availability of Clenbuterol in Australia

Clenbuterol is otherwise called “Clen” therapeutically used to treat obstructed air passage in horses. It has been used as a veterinary medicine in Australia. Though it is not advisable for bodybuilding among human beings still they buy it for bodybuilding purpose through many sources. It is popular because clen promotes fat loss without losing muscles and enhances weight lifting and strenuous exercises efficiently. However, Clen can be obtained only with veterinary doctor’s prescription and not strictly for human beings since it may produce harmful side effects. Even though clen cannot be legally sold within Australia, still other countries such as the United States of America sell the drug without a prescription as a pure chemical. There are many wholesalers who easily import Clenbuterol tablets to Australia.

Clen – a sympathomimetic drug

Recent news suggests that Clenbuterol has been growing in Australia as a fat burner drug and it has been utilized for its anabolic effects. This drug is a sympathomimetic and works like adrenaline when it acts like a beta-2-adrenergic agonist in muscle tissues and fat. It is so far called sympathomimetic because it impacts the sympathetic nervous system that causes

  • The heart pumps excessive blood per beat, a greater cardiac output
  • It smoothes the muscle in the lungs and acts as a bronchodilator which increases the oxygen level to diffuse in the blood stream
  • Due to the availability of oxygen to muscles, the stamina is increased. However, a point should be noted that the obtained strength is a temporary effect that lasts not more than four weeks.
  • Fat cells are easily broken down due to the increased metabolism, in turn, it increases the muscle and protein loss.
  • Increases body temperature is called thermogenesis

Purchasing Clenbuterol in Australia:

As per the current Australian laws, it is illegal to import, purchase or sell Clenbuterol for human usage. Clenbuterol importation also requires a permit to be legally brought into the country. If anyone imports clen without a permit, he will be fined. Some racehorses were found to be abused with Clenbuterol gel to improve their performances before a race. This performance enhancement stimulated body builders to go for their workout performance. According to the Medical Journal of Australia, the Clenbuterol usage has increased significantly in the recent years among athletes and their test reports showed positive to Clenbuterol. Health care workers also reported 63 cases of clen consumption in Australia out of which 84% required hospitalization for side effects.

The users should not expect any Australian suppliers to make you buy the Clenbuterol with any credit card or PayPal. Unless you have a prescription for horses, it is impossible to get the drug and it has the possibilities to import the drug into the country from international sources. If there is not proper prescription during importation, the international purchases might be blocked by the customs and even seized at the border itself. This issue could make the importer in legal issues and wholesalers who easily import Clenbuterol tablets should have proper and legal documents to avoid such problems.


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