I Had Some Stubborn Love Handles

I worked really hard to lose 35 pounds. That might not sound like a lot, but I am not a tall person. At five foot two inches, that extra 35 pounds was really obvious! I thought that losing the weight would mean that I would be more toned, but I quickly discovered that my methods were not working at all on my love handles. They were smaller, but they were still there. I had no idea how to get rid of them, so I did a search for aesthetic Singapore to see if I could find a clinic that could help me.

I was not taking the easy way out. I tried for several months to get toned. I tried different exercises that were supposed to target that area, but nothing was working for me.…

Why Periodically Preserving Your Air Conditioner Will Save You Funds and Make You Healthier

You might not know it, but periodically preserving your air conditioner can have a major influence on your overall health and finances. By enabling your air conditioner to perform in the optimal level, you are going to be capable of minimize the electrical consumption that may create up overtime and you will be less likely to have asthma and bronchial issues. In this report, I will talk about some ways to easily clean your air conditioner and the effect that it is going to bring in extra details. You’ll be capable of clean your air conditioner yourself and take pleasure in the advantage that it will bring just after reading this short article.

The first reason why you need to carry out a periodic maintenance for your air conditioner is to have it constantly carry out at the optimal level. In the event you don’t do the maintenance, then complications will get started to build up overtime. The easiest approach to preserve an air conditioner should be to clean the air filter. Cleaning the air filter will get rid of any dust buildups that will block your AC’s airflow. The second easiest way would be to clean the indoor coil plus the outdoor coil. This will also enable for greater air circulation and it can keep your AC in prime condition.

So, how will cleaning those things assist? Nicely, when your AC is operating in the optimal situation it can not use any extra energy to operate. When you have dust or dirt blocking the airflow, then your AC has to work added to generate the identical output. This really is commonly the lead to of an electric bill improve. Having said that, when the airflow is clean, it will use the exact same quantity of electrical consumption and you do not must worry about sudden improve inside your electric bill.

The second advantage has to perform with health. Once you periodically get rid of all the excess dirt and dust buildups, you have a improved chance of staying healthier. It is going to significantly reduce the danger of Legionnaire’s disease, asthma and quite a few bronchial problems. You are going to be capable of minimize your health-related costs and really feel more safe and secure when you have your household indoor through the summer season season.

To summarize, you do not need to invest a great deal …

More Effortless Anti-Aging – 5 More Easy Ways to Add Years to Your Life!

Okay, we still like the idea of postponing the inevitable Grim Reaper for as long as possible. Here are some more simple Anti-aging ways to help that again have been tested with scientific studies so we know they work. Most of them are a very easy addition or change to your life style. So, let’s look at some more of these smaller items, all scientifically proven as we said, so that when they’re added together they’ll help you live longer and healthier.

1. Don’t Go to Work SickIn a U.K. study over a 3 year period, men who clocked in at work, despite feeling under the weather, had double the heart attack risk of those who stayed in bed. Those who were sick on the job also didn’t make many friends among their co-workers. We all like to think business can’t progress without us!

2. Vacuum for 30 minutesNot just vacuuming, of course, any kind of chore where you get some exercise that can lower blood pressure by 13 points, according to Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise. The lowered pressure only lasts for 8 hours but if you do something like it every day, you can lower your BP in the long term. Incidentally, helping with the housework can also improve your sex life!

3. Set a 3 drink limitHarvard researchers in a study found that having more than 3 drinks in 24 hours increases your risk of atrial fibrillation. This can boost your chances of a stroke fivefold during that time. And don’t fill up that fancy waterglass with wine like most men do. Usually, it’s twice the size of a standard drink (4 ounces), according to researchers at Duke University. And if you’re out drinking, watch your blood alcohol  Smokey will.

4. Fall on your buttParticularly for older people, if you feel yourself losing your balance on the stairs, crouch down so that your butt hits first. This is according to Robert Nirschl, M.D., a spokesman for the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. Don’t be afraid to bounce down a few steps, it’s better than going head over heels down the stairs. A sore butt is always better than a sore head!

5. Don’t pee in the oceanWhy? Bodily fluids attract sharks! The moral is, have fish for ‘t be lunch for fish!

The bottom line is, you don’t just fall into a healthy …

Diagnosing Acoustic Neuromas

Sometimes tumors can grow on the auditory nerve from your ear to your brain. This causes unilateral hearing loss, dizziness, one-sided facial weakness, and tinnitus. An MRI scan is needed to confirm the diagnosis. If you have severe anxiety, you may consider the open MRI option.


An audiologist performs a battery of tests to help diagnose the cause of unilateral hearing loss. This will include an audiogram that determines the softest sounds that you hear in each ear along with speech discrimination testing. Acoustic reflexes measure how the nerve on each side function. Sometimes the audiologist will do vestibular testing or electrophysiological testing. If the audiologist suspects an acoustic neuroma, he or she will refer you to an Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) specialist. The ENT then refers you for the MRI.


To prepare for the test, you will need to remove watches, jewelry, and underwire bras. You will also take off hearing aids, glasses, and wigs. You may take medication to help calm anxiety. The test center may offer you earplugs to wear and a blanket. You will need to stay still and calm, so try to meditate and relax. Let your doctor know of liver and kidney conditions that may impact metabolism of contrast dye which is normally ordered in exams for acoustic neuroma.


The ENT will look at the scans and determine the tumor’s size. Surgery may be considered to remove the tumor. Decisions depend on how fast the tumor is growing and the impact it is having on your quality life. The goal is to remove the tumor while preserving remaining hearing; however, it may not be possible to save the hearing in that ear. For unilateral hearing loss, you can consider obtaining a CROS hearing aid or a BAHA implant. Your ENT and audiologist will go over the options with you.

The MRI scan is an important piece of diagnosing acoustic neuroma. Once your doctor has made the diagnosis, he or she will review your treatment options. …

What Are the Benefits of Beetroot and How to Buy and Store it?

What are the Vitamins and Minerals in Beetroot?

Beetroot is related to sugar beet and has a high sugar content, as high as that of an apple, in fact. It also contains potassium, calcium, sulfur and chlorine along with a moderate amount of vitamin C and folic acid. The beetroot has been recognized as being good for the blood for many years, as many an old wives’ tale confirms. There is usually some truth in them and beetroot does contain iron which is essential for red blood formation.

In Europe and Russia, beetroot is used as a tonic and to build up resistance to infection. For centuries it has been known to aid the digestive system, especially the liver. It also has a long history in the treatment of cancer as it contains ant carcinogenic substances in the red coloring matter. Beetroot increases the cellular take-up of oxygen which prevents cancer and boosts the immune system. Beetroots and their green tops are mineral rich and help to keep the gall bladder, kidneys and liver healthy. The manganese contained in the green tops helps bodily growth, maintains a healthy nervous system and strong bones and is also especially important to the metabolism and reproductive system.

How to Buy and Store Beetroot?

Don’t buy beetroots that look wrinkled, as they will be dry and tasteless. The beetroots to look for should be uncooked, firm to the touch and have smooth skins. Their green tops should be bright, vibrant and not at all droopy. Smaller beetroots tend to be tastier and juicier. They should be washed, dried and stored in the refrigerator or a cold place. Beetroot is generally available all year round.

Diet Healthy Living – Warning

Living a sedentary life without being mindful about what you eat is one of the worst things you can inflict upon yourself. If you’re not physically challenged and can go out on your way to exercise and prepare your meals, then there’s no reason you can’t adapt diet healthy living. Perhaps you’ve been slacking off lately but that’s okay. Just make sure you don’t keep on going down that slippery slope or you’ll risk having all sorts of unhealthy diseases like diabetes and cancer.

Here are some helpful tips on how to maintain diet healthy living all the time:

 Eat moderate amounts of sugary foods as well as refined-grains.  Yes, our body needs …