Three Unique Cannabis Smoking Devices

Attitudes about cannabis are changing for the better. The Marijuana Justice Act was recently created to help end cannabis prohibition. Many people are beginning to use cannabis that may not have in the past. You might be wondering about cannabis smoking devices. Companies in the cannabis industry are creating amazing smoking devices. Each smoking device has its own unique advantages. Learning which smoking device you prefer will ensure you have a pleasant cannabis experience. In this post, you will learn about three unique ways to smoke cannabis.

Gas Mask Bong

You’ve probably heard about the traditional bong. This smoking device uses gravity to pull smoke upwards to where the mouth is placed. One pain of using a bong is dealing with smoke escaping from the mouthpiece. No cannabis user ever wants to be wasteful during a smoke session. Many people buy gas mask bongs to have a unique smoking experience. These bongs are unique because they have a gas mask attached to the opening. The gas mask bong is great because smoke stays within the mask. Certain users prefer exhaling the smoke in the mask which lets them inhale it again. You’re guaranteed to turn heads at your next smoking session when you bring out a gas mask bong.

Glass Bubbler

A bubbler combines a pipe and bong to make an awesome smoking device. Bubblers are made in many shapes and sizes. You begin using this device by placing cannabis into the bowl area. A bubbler is unique because it combines elements of a pipe and bong. A bubbler uses a carb to let the user adjust their smoke intake. This smoking device has the longer neck shape of a bong which makes the smoke less harsh. A classic disadvantage of a smoking pipe is that smoke travels a short distance, making it hard on the throat.

Vaping Device

The phenomenon of vaping has slowly taken the world by storm. Cannabis users can now enjoy the act of vaping with the right device. Many people have switched to exclusively vaping cannabis. Using a vaping device with cannabis means you’re inhaling vapor instead of smoke. Some smokers feel that vaping is easier on their lungs versus burning cannabis. One additional bonus of using a vaping device is that the cannabis doesn’t turn into ash. After vaping cannabis, it’s possible to turn already vaped cannabis into an edible. Vaping devices are made to fit into the palm of your hand, making them great for being discreet.

In conclusion, there are many fun and creative ways to smoke cannabis. A gas mask bong ensures that no smoke is able to get out. Bubblers are devices that combine a pipe and bong. Many prefer using a bong or bubbler because they provide a smoother inhale over traditional pipes. People are able to vape cannabis instead of smoking it. A vaping device offers a slightly different high than smoking does. Using any of the previously mentioned devices will provide you with an enjoyable cannabis experience.

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