The Latest Way of Treating Cancer

Once you are diagnosed with cancer, it is only natural that you look for any form of treatment that will offer you a chance to be free from condition. However, before you risk your body, money and time, you need to know more information about the new treatment to make sure that this is ideal for your condition. Make sure that you will exhaust your time to find out everything about it using only the sources that you can trust, such as a specialist cancer treatment centre like Cancer Treatment Mexico. Here is a list of the most recent type of cancer treatment that may possibly provide you a relief on your condition.

Treating Cancer with Photodynamic Therapy

PDT also known as Photodynamic Therapy is a form of cancer treatment that utilizes a drug known as photosensitizing agent. This medication can only be effective if they are activated on a specific type of light. This therapy may also be referred to as photochemotherapy, phototherapy, and photo radiation therapy. Contingent upon the body part that is receiving treatment, the photosensitizing agent may be administered through our vein in order to enter our blood stream, or it may be applied on our skin. The patient will then be exposed to a light that will activate the drug. This will cause the drug to react on the oxygen and create a potent chemical that can kill cancer cell. In addition, PDT can also eliminate the blood vessel that is feeding the cancer cell.

PDT will cost cheaper compared to other forms of cancer treatment. The patient will also experience minimum to no amount of scarring. Compared to radiation therapy, PDT can be administered on the same spot for consecutive number of times, and it can also be used to precisely target the cancer cells. As opposed to the conventional form of treatment, the side effect that you will experience is considerably less and will not last for an extensive period. Unfortunately, PDT can only be used on the areas that can be penetrated by the light. In case it is found in the organs lining that can’t be reached by the light, then this is not the treatment for you.

Donation and Blood Transfusion

Blood transfusion is necessary for individuals who can’t produce their blood cells on their own or those who suffered blood loss due to their condition. When using this as a form of cancer treatment, a blood will pass through our vein using an IV line. Some types of cancer may lead to internal bleeding which will cause anemia. The cancer that starts from the bone marrow or the cancer that spread in different part of the body may also result to a lower blood count. There are different types of Blood Transfusion; red blood, plasma, platelet, Cryoprecipitate and white blood transfusion.

When a person is diagnosed with cancer, it is possible that he will receive multiple types of treatment. For instance, the doctor may recommend a hyperthermia in combination with chemotherapy and radiation therapy. It is only natural to be confused and be overwhelmed with your choices. Consulting a reputable medical practitioner can ease most of your worries and help you opt for a better treatment.

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